AAT SYSTEMY BEZPIECZEŃSTWA sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as „AAT”), having its registered office in 02-801 Warsaw, 431 Pulawska St., entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS No. 0000838329, NIP [Tax ID] 9512500868, REGON [Business ID] 385953687, with a share capital of PLN 17 005 000, states that the web site mentioned has been serviced by AAT and its purpose is only to inform. Having taken the marketing materials a user agrees to the following stated conditions. If a user does not accept the terms, they should immediately stop using this web site.

The mentioned web site includes logos, trademarks, products information etc, which are registered, legitimate trademarks of AAT. However, third parties’ trademarks may also be found on the web site. A user plights not to use any of them without getting the written permission first.

It is not allowed to use any of the registered trademarks in any reviews, web sites or other medias which may discredit the trademark AAT itself or AAT products or services provided, or to infringe a copyright, intellectual property or to act in the way it may be against Polish or international law.

AAT SYSTEMY BEZPIECZEŃSTWA sp. z o.o. is solely entitled to the following trademarks:

  1. AAT – legally protected trade mark entered in the trademark register kept by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under No. 127539, designated to mark products in classes 6, 9, 11, 19, 37, 41 and 42 of the International Nice Classification of Goods and Services.
  2. ipGO – legally protected community trade mark entered in the trademark register kept by the Office of Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM), entry number 010815355, designated to mark products in class 9 of the International Nice Classification of Goods and Services.
  3. NOVUS – legally protected trade mark entered in the trademark register kept by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under No. 168734 and appearing under No. 908844 of the World International Property Organization international trade mark, designated to mark products in classes 9 and 11 of the International Nice Classification of Goods and Services.
  4. NOVUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – legally protected trade mark entered in the trademark register kept by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under No. 213634, and appearing under No. 1008732 of the World International Property Organization international trade mark, designated to mark products in class 9 of the International Nice Classification of Goods and Services.

All the materials and information related on the web site both with the project and the web site layout are registered as an intellectual property to AAT and they are legally protected by copyright law, industrial property law, press law or the act on the unfair competition control. It is not allowed to use or copy any of the materials located on this web site partly or outright. None of the items such as logos, trademarks, texts, graphics, photos, sounds, animations, video materials which are located on the web site are allowed to be copied, used or modified on marketing purposes or made available to third parties without getting written permission from AAT first. Photos whose copyright is to third parties may be found on the web site as well.

If the rights to use the materials from the website have not been licensed you need written authorisation of ATT to make use of the materials. Such authorization does not mean that the user acquires the rights to he materials and it is settled by the following restrictions:

  • A user is obliged to preserve the information on all the copyright of all the copies of the downloaded materials;
  • A user is not allowed to modify, copy, distribute or use the materials on any commercial purposes;
  • A user is not allowed to distribute the materials without having informed and having the mantles and conditions accepted by the parties.

A user must obey all the rules and additional restrictions which are on the web site, however, they may be changed at any time.

All the software, applications, certificates, manuals or files available to a user on the web site are copyright to AAT. A user must be aware of the fact that they are under (i) the licence agreement (if it has been signed) (ii) using conditions (if they have already been settled), which follow them.

The applications, software or files are available to download only for users who have agreed to the licence conditions or using conditions, if they have been settled. A user is not allowed to distribute, sell, lend any of the items mentioned above to the third parties or must not break the laws which is legislated.

A user is not allowed to modify, create similar items, interpret, disassembly or break the codes of application or files. All the above rules and restrictions apply to all other materials located on the web site and the web site itself.

AAT web sites may contain links to other sites which belong to separate legal parties. AAT neither controls those web sites and links located there nor takes any responsibilities for their content. If a user decides to visit that web site or follow the link, they must be aware of the risk connected to the internet using. Links located on the AAT web site does not mean that:

  • AAT donates, supports or is associated to the owner of the web site or is legitimate to use logos, trademarks or copyright of the web site which is linked.
  • Each party whose web sites are linked is legitimately responsible for using AAT trademarks, logos or parties connected.

As law constitutes a user agrees and accepts the fact that AAT cannot be responsible for any direct or indirect damage which may be the result of browsing or not being able to use the web site or any other web sites linked. The above rules and restrictions also apply to emails sent from the user or by AAT. Such limitation of liability applies especially to mistakes, misprints, pauses, computer viruses or data loss. AAT does not take the responsibility for the user’s lost profits (lucrum cesans) which may be the result of the situation mentioned above.

A user is fully responsible for using AAT web site. If they happen to cause any disturbance in the web site or connected systems functioning or make it impossible to provide support of the site to other users, they are responsible for their deeds and may be charged with the costs.

Although AAT has always made the efforts to make the web site and the information as adequate as possible, the materials may contain mistakes or misprints. AAT does not guarantee either the correctness or the completeness of the web site or published materials and can modify all the items at any time without prior notice.

AAT is able to end, modify, suspend or stop working of any part of the web site or disable its functions partly or completely.

AAT is able to withdraw or cancel any permission or rights given at any time. In that case the user must dispose of all the materials taken from the web site immediately.

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Cookies files usually include the name of the website from which they come from, the storage time on a terminal device and a unique number. The entity that places cookies files on the User’s device while browsing www.aat.pl and obtains access to them is the Service owner AAT SYSTEMY BEZPIECZEŃSTWA sp. z o.o., having its registered office in 02-801 Warsaw, 431 Pulawska St.

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Please note that AAT SYSTEMY BEZPIECZEŃSTWA sp. z o.o. does not take any responsibility for using or handling cookies files on websites, which are linked from www.aat.pl.

When in any doubts or in case of any interpretive concerns, Polish law is conclusive. The law court conclusive to decide is a general judgment proper for the AAT premises.