sense of safety



Endless possibilities

of expansion


Quick and easy

System scaling thanks to IP technology


Only a few devices

Endless possibilities of expansion

Office buildings

Easy connection with reception via entrance
panel thanks to the use of guard monitor.

Residential estates

Flexible solution for most modern
high standard residential estates.

Estates of single-family houses

Control of the entrance to the estate and property
through entrance and door panels.

Professional and scalling
video-intercoms system for all kind
of investments




IP user monitor thanks to optional connection of eight detectors enables creation of your own alarm system, consist of motion, gas, smoke, flood detectors and magnetic contacts.

An additional advantage is the ability to transmission of signals from user monitors to guard monitor, therefore, people who be responsible for security are immediately informed.


Novus Video-Intercom system can be easily related to alarm system.

An additional advantage is the ability to transmission of signals from user monitors to guard monitor, therefore, people who be responsible for security are immediately informed.
User can redirect communication to app, which will make it easier to immediately inform of all events.

Modern system
Incredibly simply installation
Convenient Configuration

Examples of configurations


Estates of
single-family houses


N-VIS-home mobile app
enables remote communication with the system

Call forward from monitors to app and possibility of voice chat with guests.
Ability to control the gate and doors.
Preview image of entrance panel’s cameras with possibility of saving photos and recording videos.
Alarm Push notifications.

IP entrance panel


Entrance panel is intended for installation in front of the entrance to a residential estate or the entrance to a building

A large, easy-to-read display and a built-in keyboard allow the user to choose a connection with the right apartment or security of the facility in an intuitive way.

Wide angle camera provides observation of a much larger area

LED backlight allows for trouble-free use of the panel also at night

Resistance to vandalism and IP64 protection code guarantees safe use for a long period of operation

Proximity card reader and possibility to open door or gate with access code.

Flush mounting housing provides an esthetic appearance

User monitors


The mobile application allows user to receive forwarded calls after missing pick up on the monitor or immediately (NVE-M200WIFI)

Elegant and aesthetically made device designed for installation in a residential or office space

The large color screen and intuitive menu allows quick and convenient use of its functions (camera image display, door opening)

Intercom call and text messages allows complete communication with other apartments or with household members located in a different part of the home

Data recording, memory for up to 100 photos or 10 videos.

Possibility to integrate the device with existing alarm system or create new system consist of motion, gas, smoke, flooded detectors and magnetic contacts. Automatic transmission of alarm signals to guard monitor and to mobile app.

Live monitoring thanks to integration with IP video surveillance system.

Built-in speaker and microphone facilitate operation and communication with guests, security of the building or other premises


Indoor video doorbell


It easily allow you to communicate with the flat owner using the bell button and the built-in camera

Observation of the corridor in front of the door.

Simple installation connecting the panel directly to the NVE-M200WIFI user monitor.

Guard monitor


Device designed for installation in a building’s security room or housing estate.

Alarm system enabling immediate receive alarm notifications from all premises.

Monitoring from cameras built into the entrance panels and from IP cameras (up to 32 IP cameras in the system).

Saving up to 100 photos enabling the identification of people moving around the facility.

Communication with specific group of residents or to a selected resident by receiving and sending text messages – efficient transfer of alarm or administrative informations.

The large color screen and intuitive menu.

Built-in speaker and microphone facilitate operation and communication with the guest or a selected apartment.

Quick and efficient installation with minimal wiring.

Components of the video intercoms system

IP users monitors



Power supplies




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Sense of safety!”